The New Education System Difference

The New Education System Schools are priority schools in HISD that will be provided resources and support to dramatically improve outcomes for their students.

New Education System Schools List

Berry EL
Cook JR EL
Elmore EL
Kashmere Gardens EL
Kashmere HS
Key Middle
McGowen EL
Roderick R Paige EL

Atherton EL
Bruce EL
Dogan EL
Eliot EL
Fleming Middle
Henderson N EL
Isaacs EL
Martinez R EL
McReynolds Middle
Pugh EL
Scroggins EL
Wheatley HS

North Forest:
Forest Brook Middle
Hilliard EL
Shadydale EL
North Forest HS

Henry Middle
Highland Heights
Marshall EL
Sugar Grove Academy

Teach in a New Education System School

Higher Salaries

Average MS Base
$81,400 – $86,400

Stipend to teach in NES

Incentive pay for Prof. Eval.

Stipend for summer PD

More Support for Teachers

Discipline handled by administrators

Lesson plans and materials provided by curriculum developers (grades 2-10)

Differentiated assignments copies made by support personnel

Papers graded by support personnel

Four periods of duty in a month (75 minutes each time)

Innovative Staffing Model

Differentiated compensation 

Eliminate non-instructional tasks 

Engage community consultants (for non-instructional subjects or electives) 

Expand the reach of the best and brightest teachers 

Hire additional “Apprentice Teachers” 

Create the learning coach position


The Application Process

June 2023:
  • Week of June 5th – principal selection begins
  • Week of June 12th – teacher recruitment begins
  • Week of June 19th – teacher screening
  • Week of June 26th – teacher interviews/panels
  • June 23: All NES principals are selected
July 2023:
  • By July 3: NES Teacher Selection Finalized

Eligible for $10,000 stipend

  • Principals
  • Assistant Principals
  • Counselor
  • Dean of Students
  • Teachers (Content, Special Education, Elective)
  • Reading Interventionists
  • ELD Interventionist
  • Special Education Support

Eligible for $3,000 stipend

  • Learning Coach
  • Teacher Apprentice
  • Dyad Coordinator
  • Nurse
  • Office Manager
  • Asst. Office Manager
  • Copy Clerk

No Planned Stipend

  • Custodians
  • Bus Drivers
  • Food Service Staff

Roles that must reapply to work in an NES school:

  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Assistant Principals
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Teacher Apprentices

Roles that do not need to reapply:

  • Bus Drivers
  • Food Service Workers
  • Custodians